20 Years or more before symptoms appear

33 Million Alzheimer dementia patients worldwide

152 Million dementia patients estimated by 2050

US $1 Trillion estimated global annual cost of dementia


More than 50% of dementia cases are undiagnosed in high-income countries



is to enable prediction, monitoring, diagnosis & successful drug development for Alzheimer’s disease.

Diadem is determined to solve one of the biggest problems in Alzheimer’s disease drug development and patient care: early, accurate, predictive, fast, non-invasive and cost effective diagnosis.


was founded in 2012 as a spin-off of University of Brescia (Italy). Diadem is a pure diagnostic company committed to carry on specific research and development on early peripheral markers of Alzheimer’s disease into technology, bringing together some of the most senior experts from industry and academia to advance a breakthrough in Alzheimer’s disease in the clinic.

Diadem is preparing for large retrospective and prospective trials to confirm initial data


is an innovative blood-based test exploiting a proprietary antibody targeting a specific conformation of p53 protein. This biomarker, known to be associated with several patients’ inflammatory conditions, showed instead to be highly specific for Alzheimer’s Disease onset, providing a signal also in pre-symptomatic population. Such a test has shown in pilot clinical studies the ability to predict the risk of cognitive decline in elderly patients (symptomatic and asymptomatic) who are being assessed for Alzheimer’s Disease. Besides providing a fast and affordable diagnosis, AlzoSure™ is an enabler of effective patient’s recruitment in clinical trials for the development of AD drugs.